My Story

 I began making art in my thirties though I've been creative in a general way since childhood; hideous collages made of wool and strange distorted woven things given to my mother on Mother's day.


In my 30's I began a City & Guilds in Embroidery but left to follow my creative nose. Over the years I have worked with textiles, handmade paper, artists's books, digital art and photography as well as creating and facilitating creative workshops for children and teenagers.


My preferred medium now is collage - it is immediately satisfying ; one image, a pair of scissors and a glue stick and you've got something.  A box full of papers; packaging, photocopies, found text and magazines, is a box full of possibilities, new narratives waiting to be created . Working with my hands, sorting papers, cutting out images soothes and quietens my soul and allows ideas to develop.






I take a mixed media approach using paint effects with images, found text and, most recently, photocopies of my own photography.

Recent Art Journals have centred around using images of fashion models. Every collagist treasures new sources of imagery - imagine my delight when I inherited a 3 foot stack of high end fashion magazines! What to do with all these Laydees?


About the same time I came across a quote by the french feminist author Simone de Beauvoir:





















This was a pivotal moment for me; collaging with fashion models became about creating a different feminine/feminist narrative for the images. One that encompassed a wider range of women's emotional life; bored by housework, feeling insecure, being triumphant, being shallow or digging deep into the feminine psyche, the good, the bad and the ugly because life is messy and not airbrushed..

I often work directly onto the magazine pages, using them more as art journals, inspired by whatever image is there. 


You can find my Instagram feed here on my front page or here to keep up with all the latest!

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